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I am of German nationality and came to the French Riviera 20 years ago. Where was I to settle down, given the many interesting towns in the area? I quickly chose Nice. As I had been used to living in a big city, I looked for variety: an ample choice of shops, restaurants and bars. Nice is a lively city offering cultural diversity all year round, with many festivals taking place (jazz, dance, classical music), theatre, opera, etc. You can easily rent a bike or take the tramway to get around. You will enjoy Nice, a town full of discoveries, the charming Old Town with a rather “Italian” atmosphere.

Today I have found my place here, with my French/German family. I worked for a long time in the European business market and I like being in contact with people. My personal advice: take the train and go to Villefranche sur Mer, a mere 5-minute trip…there you will find a staircase leading you to a beautiful beach with a view of one of the most gorgeous bays of the Côte d’Azur. And don’t forget to take a walk through the little village streets, where you’ll discover the charm of the French Riviera!

At NiceRent, I am here for you! Do contact me for further information. I will be delighted to answer your questions.

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Apartments Manager

Born North at the “end of land” I have always been curious to discover farther regions, learn and understand different worldviews and ways of life. This passion has taken me across several national and cultural borders for studies, work, leisure and later for my own cross-cultural family of five. Specializing in interculturality and human mobility, I have always highlighted the importance of authentic experiences and “getting local” when traveling. This is also what thrives me with the concept of deepening and enriching your travel experience by staying close to the local people and getting a taste of how they live, while enjoying the escape of the daily routines and the freedom of being away.

Even though I have now built my home here, I remain as charmed by Nice as I was during my first visit as a young student. Its unique colors, the particular light and the vibration of the city keep enchanting me year after year.

Apartments Manager

I am Italian from Torino and I have fallen in love with the French Riviera where I have decided to move with my husband and three children. I love traveling and discovering new cultures: I have worked in the past 15 years in three different country: Sydney, Singapore and now Nice. I have a Business and a Master Degree in Psychology: these opposite degrees may explain my ambivalence in life! I have worked in the past fifteen years to help companies to develop their businesses but today I am more concerned about people’s well-being. This is why I love working for Nice Rent as Customer Relationship: I do care about our guests and the service we offer. I want to ensure that our clients enjoy their stay and make them smile. Taking a break that is different from the ordinary can help you your sense of fun, escape and fulfillment.

In my free time I love reading, traveling and meeting people from other cultures. In Nice I have finally found my Home.

Apartments Manager

Originally from Bretagne in the West of France, I have been traveling around the world throughout my life. I have two passions: Astrology and discover new countries. For the latter one, I make a point to visit two new countries each year. I kept my promise for the last 12 years although I am always happy to be back in Nice. I love this city and enjoy sharing my secrets about the pearl of the French Riviera.


Hello and welcome! May I introduce myself, my name is Thomas. I was born and raised in Nice. I know this city as much as my pocket therefore I stay at disposal for any information you may require. I am also in charge of the website of and its maintenance.

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